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How to Treat Eczema on the skin

Eczema is a skin disfunction that appears on the skin in numerous small circles that sometimes overlap each other. Apart from looking ugly and bleached on each circles, eczema is known to bring discomfort to those affected with it. It may lower the self esteem of a person if not properly treated. CAUSES OF ECZEMA Although most Eczema are hereditary, they usually appears when the skin is producing less fats…

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How to remove Stretch Marks fast – Home Remedies

Stretch marks are visible lines that appear on the skin, they are sometimes coloured or swollen and are found mostly in women. Stretch marks are caused by pregnancy, weightloss, weight gain, hereditary and cream. However, they are home remedies on how to remove stretch marks fast. Stretch marks are mainly found on women although a couple of men also have stretch marks on their body especially around the armpit area….

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Food: Best diet to loose weight fast

Get to know the best diet to loose weight fast. Do you know that the way some foods makes one gain weight that other foods also work in the same way to make one loose some fat or weight? There are so many diseases associated with being fat, such as heart attack, heart disease, pre-matured death etc. It is therefore important for you to work towards loosing weight if you…

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Health Benefits of Honey

Honey is a sweet brownish-gold coloured liquid produced by honey bees using nectares from flowers through regurgitation and evapouration. Many of us use honey in our daily living without knowing the health benefits of honey. We use it in tea, pap, cereals etc.children loves honey because of its sweet taste, many others use it for medicinal purposes. Below are some of the benefits of honey you probably didn’t know. What…

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Toothache home remedies that work

Toothache home remedies may just help save a bad day cause by the painful sensation on the gum which is may be triggered by different things including sweet foods or snacks. Toothache is a painful sensation in the tooth. The pain may be concentrated in one region or spread across the entire jaw line. It may be caused by a hole in the tooth (cavity), bacteria in the gum, etc….

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Foods that are high in calories

What are calories? Calories are the unit of energy contained in a food we eat or drink. It is important to know how many calories is contained in the daily food or drink you take if you want to loose weight or gain weight. Foods that are high in calories will help to add some weight if you take it often. Here, am going to give at least 6 foods…

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Home Remedies for pimples that works

Here is your top home remedies for pimples that works Pimples is a skin condition that affects almost everyone at one point or the other, having them is embarrassing and also causes a lot of pains. Pimples varies in individuals, it may be just a few of them or many or large, whichever is the case,  here are 10 home remedies for pimples you can use to clear your face…