Garlic under pillow experience, did it work?

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Hey guys! This may just be like a story time or sharing my garlic under pillow experience with you guys, so sit tight and find out more.

You must have seen the video that have been circulating online about ‘put a garlic under your pillow and this will happen’ as curious as i am, i went ahead and try it out. According to the video, when you put a glove of garlic under your pillow it will help tackle your sleeping problems and enable you sleep well. At the time i tried this out, i was going through alot in life and couldn’t sleep at night (it was that serious) because i really wanted to catch some sleep after many sleepless nights, i went ahead and experimented the garlic under pillow for better sleep.

When it was bedtime, i took a glove of garlic, peeled it and kept it under my pillow, remember that is the idea behind garlic under pillow. Tell you what? It was a big no no at first, i mean i couldn’t stand the smell of the garlic. It was coming right through my nose and into my system and i almost gave up. I wanted to remove the garlic and through it away for a fresh, but then i thought, how will i tell you my experience if i couldn’t complete a simple experiment┬áso i continued. Gradually, the smell begins to fade away and i fell asleep.Before i put the garlic under my pillow, i used to wake up not less than 3 times at night but when i tried this, the good news is that i woke up only once which is actually a good one although i was not very satisfied.

Fast forward to the next day, i am a kind of person that rarely sleep in the afternoon and if i manage to do so, it will only be for a few minutes but the next day was a big sleep day for me, i slept like a rabbit and the funny thing is that i slept off on the couch, not minding that the couch was not as comfortable as my bed, i slept for several long minutes turning into hours… when i woke up, i was like, could it be the effect of the garlic of the previous night that is making me to sleep like this? If it was, that was a good one and if it wasn’t, am still happy i slept well after putting the garlic under my pillow.

It’s now your turn, go and try this garlic under pillow out and let me know your results in the comment section below.

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