Better Than Sleeping Pills – Banana Tea

Hey there, do you know that there is a natural cure that is actually better than sleeping pills? Yes, banana tea is the answer.

Sometimes we are deprived of sleep every night due to some malfunctions in our system or sometimes our brain gets worked up from thinking and at night you toil from one corner of the bed to another. When it happens like this, you may run to sleeping pills for answer but sleeping pills on the other hand has a lot of side effects such as constipation, obesity, bloating, difficulty in forcusing, stomach pains and harm to nervous system.

Sleep is very important and if you don’t get at least 8 hours of sleep at night, you are causing harm to your body making you prone to disease that will harm your body. Sleeping pills will only bring a short-term relieve after which you will begin to long for night sleep again.

Banana tea on the other hand will bring you a long term relieve from your sleeping problems, thereby relieving you from any harmful effect that sleeping pills may cause to your body.

Banana is rich in potassium and magnesium but what most people don’t know is that banana peel is even more richer than in potassium and magnesium than the banana fruit itself and we throw all that potassium and magnesium away? Not after knowing this.

Potassium and magnesium is very good for the nervous system and helps in relaxing the muscles. Magnesium works best at relaxing muscles, relieves that muscles from cramps, pains and ache associated with it.

When you are stressed, the first mineral you will think of that is depleted in your body is magnesium and you need just enough of that magnesium to help your muscles relax and eventually fall asleep.

A pinch of Cinamon sprinkled in the tea will work well to balance blood sugar levels thereby resulting in a much better sleep.


– 1 sizeable ripe banana 

– Cinnamon 

-A small pot


– Get a ripe banana and wash clean

– Cut into four or five pieces depending on the banana size and place in a small pot or kettle.

– Add two glasses of water into the pot or kettle and allow to boil for ten minutes.

– Bring down the tea and allow to cool, at this time, it will be creamy in colour.

– Turn the tea into a mug or glass

– Add cinnamon powder at the tip of a teaspoon and stir.

– Drink one hour before going to bed for better result.


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