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  • How to Prevent Wrinkles using Coconut Oil
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How to Prevent Wrinkles using Coconut Oil

How to prevent wrinkles – Coconut oil is one essential item that everyone should have at home, not only can it be used to prevent wrinkles, it can also be used to cure a host of other skin disorders and hair treatment.  Coconut oil helps prevent wrinkles when applied on the skin by enhancing collagen production and replacement .  Popularly used as moisturizer for skin and hair, coconut oil is…

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How to get rid of dry chapped lips fast

Chapped lips is caused by so many reasons, it could be as a result of the harsh weather condition where you stay, sun rays, licking of lips, drinking and smoking, etc. What ever may be the case, chapped lips brings discomfort to whoever is wearing it. In most cases, the flaky part of the lips could be seen hanging out, destroying your lipsticks and looking particularly gross. If you have…

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  Acne is a long-term skin disease that occurs when hair follicles clogs with dead cells. It is very common in adolescence during puberty and if not treated properly, remains on the skin for a long time. Both teens and adult suffer from this skin disease and it is caused by a number of reasons. CAUSES OF ACNE Genetics Clogged pores Dead cells Hormonal imbalance Bacteria Certain medications Environmental factors…


What are the early signs of pregnancy?

To some, pregnancy is a thing of joy while to others, it may be disheartening and disgraceful. Which ever may be the case, here are some of the early signs of pregnancy you need to know. Missed Period Tender breast Fatigue Frequent peeing Headache Constipation Altered Taste Sickness Skin changes Bloating.


How to prevent Stretch Marks during pregnancy

Almost every woman dread stretch marks because of its ugly looks on the skin which gives a feeling of insecurity. But whether you dread it or not, stretch marks will appear in you body when due. But there are ways in which you can actually prevent this stretch marks from appearing or become lesser especially during pregnancy. Most pregnant women have stretch marks after putting to bed, this is because…


How to Treat Eczema on the skin

Eczema is a skin disfunction that appears on the skin in numerous small circles that sometimes overlap each other. Apart from looking ugly and bleached on each circles, eczema is known to bring discomfort to those affected with it. It may lower the self esteem of a person if not properly treated. CAUSES OF ECZEMA Although most Eczema are hereditary, they usually appears when the skin is producing less fats…

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How to remove Stretch Marks fast – Home Remedies

Stretch marks are visible lines that appear on the skin, they are sometimes coloured or swollen and are found mostly in women. Stretch marks are caused by pregnancy, weightloss, weight gain, hereditary and cream. However, they are home remedies on how to remove stretch marks fast. Stretch marks are mainly found on women although a couple of men also have stretch marks on their body especially around the armpit area….